Gaming performance on windows 7

Well, looks like Windows XP wins again,after those ATI/NVIDIA gaming benchmarks:
But, definately,we would preffer to lose a few fps in games,and gain an extra in system stability. :hello:
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  1. Well it didn't look like Win7 grand slammed Vista in DX10 gaming either.

    So your system is unstable?

    If you're OCing maybe thats the problem, I seriously doubt its your operating system.
  2. Another set of benchies:

    Win7 versus Vista versus XP in gaming
  3. No,no,my system is running absolutely fine, i'm just comparing it to Vista,which just gave me problems,silly issues.
    plus i would like to add, windows 7 probably will have more support(compared to vista)
    i am not saying the gaming is bad on Win7, i am taking a look to windows xp and thinking,will gamers switch to Win7 or keep windows xp?
    in my opinion i will switch to Win7,i recommend it,this RTM version is more than nice.
    and GPU's technology will advance at least 570 times.(thats what Nvidia says)
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