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Hello everyone, i love this computer forum, because everyone is so helpful. I need some more help, this time on my laptop. I have a HP DV9815nr, and I search for the drivers for window 7 os, they stop at vista, but also have xp and 2000. i want to replace my HD, with my WD 320GB HD, and use this current one in my back up slot.

how will i go about this?

my goal: have a copy of window 7(which i got) on my new HD(which i have). and use my current HD as a back up.

I'm think that i will have to load XP os with the xp drivers on my new HD and then upgrade the os to vista?

if there is a direct way to go straight to window 7 with the drivers, please let me know.

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  1. Windows 7 should come with the drivers necessary. if not try using the Vista drivers.

    If you have a full version of Windows 7 just put it in and install. make sure you inly have the new drive in. leave the old one out and add it later.

    should you have a upgrade version install XP (don't worry about the drivers) and upgrade straight to Windows 7
  2. i got full verison with keys. window 7 cd is from my desktop build and the xp is a bootleg one i got from a friend, full version tho.

    so my plan is now,

    1. uninstall my old Hd
    2.install my new HD
    3. install window 7

    question, i got a set of disk from geek squad when i first got this computer.... any need for that?
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