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Is the ThermalTake Volcano 9 Heatsink and Fan any good? Are they a good make? Has anyone used them? And, last question, is it easy to fit CPU, heatsink and fan (I have fitted everything else in my PC in the past MB with cpu and HS/fan already connected, psu, hd, cd-rom etc.), could I manage?
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  1. The volcano 9 is a decent HSF, though not an amazing one.
    The variable speed temp sensing fan is a good idea, but cheaper coolers can be had that perform better, like the Falconrock Spire II.

    It should be easy enough to fit, provided there are no cables in the way.

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  2. If you know your way around the inards you should be alright putting it on.

    The fan is a good quiet, decent performing fan... I like it alot.

    The Heatsink is run of the mill.

    Best bet... get a quality made copper heatsink and buy the smart fan seperate.

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  3. The Volcano 7+ is actually better than the Volcano 9, adn I believe it's even cheeper. Just make sure you get the 7+ and not the 7 (note the lack of a plus sign).

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