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OK, so a couple years ago, I was installing windows and I accidentally formatted my backup/data hard drive. I've been extremely paranoid since then. Prior to that, I had my operating system and programs installed on my main hard drive. All my data (very important data) was on my second hard drive. Now, I own a business and essentially my home computer and my work computer is one and the same. All that important data was work files. I use it, add to it, remove from it, every single day so it was very important. So I was re-installing windows and I formatted the hard drive. I ended up getting it recovered, but I've been VERY paranoid.

Since then, I purchased a second backup external hard drive and every month I backup my entire backup hard drive onto that which is working fine, I feel 'safe' haha

So, I just upgraded my computer to a bitchin new machine.
Gigabyte H55M-USB3
i5 760 Processor
Solid State Hard drive - for operating system and some programs
500GB SATA Internal Backup - for most of my programs and as a third, redundant backup
4GB Corsair RAM
ASUS ATI Radeon 5770 Video Card

So, obviously I'm a little paranoid about my data with 3 backups, but I just feel I can't risk the data. I use Outlook and my 4 PST files are 16GB which is a LOT if you know anything about Outlook.

So, when I got that new computer, I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on the SSD. I put my old backup drive that my data was on into the new computer, I installed the 500 GB SATA into the new computer, and have my external WD hard drive as well. My current backup hard drive that I use every day is a 75GB IDE drive. I was considering shifting my daily use data drive to my 500 GB SATA and then still using my external as my redundant backup. Any recommendations?

As well, I've heard that I shouldn't install all my programs onto my main drive and that I should install all my programs onto the secondary hard drive along with my data. I've always installed Windows AND programs on same hard drive and then all my data on second hard drive. Any recommendatiions?

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  1. 1. SSD for O/S and applications

    2. 2 x 500GB in Raid-1 for your files and swapfile, for how to change location of your user files.

    3. 750GB external eSata for raid backup and for holding an image of your SSD for easy restore of O/S and apps.
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