Tbred B 2400+ O/C'ing

If I have a 2400+ Tbred B, and I was wondering if it was safe just to overclock it completely to 2800 specs, and if I did that if I would have to increase the Vcore at all.
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  1. I've taken my 2100+ 'b' core to 2800+ spec with out hassle. I did have to increase to voltage to 1.85 though. no real temperature change to be worried about, it idles at 41 degrees with the case side off. All cores are individual, some need more voltage others not. trial and error is the name of the game. just raise it one step at a time until it doesn't lock or give any other hassles.

    P.S. I've set to 166 x 13.5 with a vcore of 1.85 perfectly stable. good luck
  2. dont forget how to reset cmos/bios....you can end up in quite a pickle if you dont know how....
  3. What kind of memory/motherboard/power supply do you have to work with?
  4. I have a gigabyte GA-7VRXP, 420W power supply, a volcano 9, and some corsair memory
  5. How hard would it be to take a 2400 to 2800 spec with a A7N8X Deluxe motherboard? How far would the OEM fan be adequate? What would be the best aftermarket cooler for that mobo(ive heard the SLK 900 won't fit)?
  6. Ok heres the what i have.Athlon 2400 clocked to 2800 specs.Asus A7N8X motherboard.2(256)CorsairXMS pc2700 ram.Antec sl350 power supply.Its running at this now and Asus probe shows the cpu temp at 43degrees.I have taken it higher,but the stock heatsink/fan feels a little warm to the touch and I dont know if the probe is accurate.You should also be able to attain this speed if your ram is good enough(pc2700-pc3500).I've noticed my 5 and 3.3 volt rails are running a little low on the probe as well and i think i need to get a bigger power supply.(Dont get a generic one if you need to buy a new one as they are ALL crap its like building your foundation on quicksand.The 400w Duro that came with my barebones system melted down within 6 hours of getting it off the UPS truck)I wa thinking about an Antec 430w Truepower till I did some searchin and found out that they have a mysteriosly low 12volt rail hmmm.I also need a new video card cause the one I have now (Gainward Geforce 4 4200ti)keeps giving me the pink screen of death everyother frame.I read up on it and it has to do with bad capacitors that Gainward used in the card.I Hope this helps a little...
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