Need Suggestions Regarding Hardware

I have ordered the following items for my new computer:

Athlon XP 2700+ EOM
PowerColor ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
2x 512MB PC-3200 400 MHZ DDR (generic)
80GB Maxtor UTA 133 HD
CoolMaster HHC-001 Cooler
ALLIED 450 Watt PS
(Other needed non-relevant to this post items like DvD, Burner, Case, etc)

I am building a gaming machine and I have the following questions:
What are the chances that the generic DDR400 memory I got (CAS/CL 2.5) will work as CAS/CL 2 at DDR333 in dual channel mode?

Also I am having second doubts about my CPU. Since its a gaming machine and I am planning to OC it, maybe I should have gotten a T-Bred B core Athlon XP 1700+ and pushed that to the max? The difference between the two is close to $220 and it seems that OCed 1700+ can be as fast as regular 2700+ esp with a good cooler setup (I think I got a decent one).

If T-BRed B XP 1700+ is a good choice do you think it be possible to OC FSB to 166 easily? That was my main reason for choosing XP 2700+.

Any other advice will be appreciated.
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  1. Generic memory...will doubtfully run on strict memory settings at a 333Mhz bus. I would spend the extra money to upgrade to Pc3200 Corsair XMS memory, highly stable, good and timings, overclocks well, and looks pretty damn cool too. Try and return the 2700+ oem if you can, and get a 1700+ retail, you'll get the warranty, and they overclock <b>very</b> well. Also, if you are overclocking, your power supply may or may not be able to hold out...possibly though.

    If you're definately overclocking, then I have to reccomend you get the 1700+ Tbred B, upgrade your mem to Corsair XMS or Kinston HyperX, and get a better power supply. Your cooler is pretty good (heatpipes, right?), although a little loud for my taste. Yes, the 1700+ easily overclocks to 166Mhz bus, as well as 183Mhz, and 200Mhz bus for mine as well ^__^ good luck dude

    Instead of Rdram, why not just merge 4 Sdram channels...
  2. Yes the cooler is all copper with heat pipe.

    I am worried about the memory too but I will try and see how it works since I will be underclocking the speed on it--hopefully it will work out.

    Is there any reliable way I can get T-Bred B XP 1700+ from a retialer short of going into the store and checking every box CPU for a serial number (T-BRed end in D, right?)

    Is there an online store that will sell a T-Bred specifically and not just any .13 XP 1700+?
  3. Try newegg for the 1700 tbred-B. Chances are you'll get a B series now. It looks like most people have been if you check the customer reviews linked to the processor. I'm running a 1700 tbred-A on an epox 8rda+ with an fsb of 180, mulitplier of 9 just for reference.

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  4. Another thing is run powerstrip on your radeon. I was going to buy one but was worried about why it was $50 cheaper than some others. I've read that the powercolor isn't a pro, but a "lite-pro".
    the timings should be 325/310 and the powercolor is around 297/263
    found the link

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  5. Thank you so much for that suggestion. I will do that ASAP I get my card.

    Also why does list PowerColor Evil Commando 9700 Pro card as 325/620? Do those cards use DDR ram and other Radeons don't?
  6. Not sure if the one (powercolor) that newegg has is true pro or not, but after reading that I wasn't going to risk it... I did buy the one from FIC (AT010) for a little less and it is a true pro.

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  7. The heatpipe is for looks only. If you knew how they worked, you'd know why this one does nothing. But the sink is huge and all copper, so it cools well based on size alone!

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