HDMI vs. DVI for PC gaming

Hello, I was wondering if HDMI or DVI would be superior for PC gaming. Will I notice a difference in the two? What are the pros and cons of both? Thanks to anyone who can help!
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  1. HDMI and DVI are both digital and picture quality is the same. Only difference is that HDMI also carries the audio so use them on devices that have HDMI and audio capability or if using computer monitor with no speakers HDMI or DVI will still work to provide the picture.
  2. While all of the above is true, if you don't use speakers on the monitor, you will have less aggravation using DVI, because most monitors/tv's will upscale or downscale the image by default when using HDMI.

    Also, if you use 120hz monitors, DVI can carry a 120hz signal with the use of dual link DVI. While HDMI just came out with 1.4b, I have not seen one sold on a new monitor or tv yet.
  3. Neither provides superior gaming performance. Assuming the same quality components are used for each port in both the graphics card and monitor, then there will be no visual differences.
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    HDMI carries audio and video.

    DVI only carries video.

    If you are using external speakers (ones not on the monitor), then DVI or HDMI will be fine.

    But if you want the audio to come from the internal speakers in the monitor (assuming the monitor has them) you have to use HDMI.

    Edit: None will show a difference in visual quality on the same monitor.

    Hope this helps :pt1cable: .
  5. if you have an awesome sound system or sound card, you will be better off using DVI.

    its best to let each system do what its meant...

    Audio card- Sound
  6. I've just been looking into this question myself about HDMI vs DVI since I just got a new monitor. Standard HDMI "High-Speed" is 10.2g/ps and HDMI 1.4 "Ultra" now offers 16g/ps bandwidth - not sure if that would be a noticeable improvement while gaming on a 1080p monitor or not?

    Amphenol Ultra Series 16.0 Gbps High Speed HDMI Cable

    HDMI Cable FAQ

    "Only "High-Speed" certified HDMI Cables support 340 MHz (10.2 Gbps) bandwidth; essential for running demanding HD platforms such as the Sony PS3 and BluRay platforms. If you have any desire to utilize features like 3D HD Video, high refresh rates @ 120 Hz and above, or extended 48-bit deep color gamuts, a High-Speed Certified HDMI Cable is a necessity. "

    Finding the Right Cable

    FAQ for HDMI 1.4
  7. If your monitor doesn't support HDMI 1.4b, the 16.0 Gbps won't help.
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