The Best PC Racing game with split screen to play offline

Hi Everyone :hello:
My question depends a lot in your experience playing Racing PC games. It's too much important the split screen option please give me your personal top 5 RACING PC GAME.
Ive been playing NFS Shift for a while but Im completely sure there are better games out there, Please Community enlighten me!!
Any advice would be helpful :sol:
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  1. For me and my friends (who are not actually gamers) it was Stunt GP.
    A very old yet very funny game.

    Other game i played was Trackmania, but on 2 PCs, so not sure if you can play it with splitscreen.
  2. For splitscreen: Dirt 3 is very good, Blur is also nice, as well as, Split Second. Yes Trackmania can do splitscreen as far as I remember. I think the F1 games from Codemasters can also do splitscreen, can't remember. Just on a side note, you'll need an Xbox controller to play Dirt 3 in splitscreen, otherwise you'll need to download an emulator.
  3. mmmh for me Need For Speed II SE is the beast one
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