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Okay, I've looked around quite a bit and everybody seem to suggest that the stock HSF that comes with the Boxed P4 is very good.

Here's my situation. I have a Lian-Li 6100 case and it has 4 case fans - 2 x Front intake, 1 x Back exhaust, 1 x Top exhaust. Plus the Enermax PSU I use has a big(don't know the dimension) intake fan at the bottom(just above the processor and hsf).

Anyways, at idle and with the side case cover removed the temp. is 44 degrees Celcius. When I run Prime95 after a few test the temp goes all the way to 56 degrees Celcius and lingers around there. If I put the cover back on, at idle it is around 48 degrees and at full load it is around 59 degrees.

Isn't this temp. readings a little high for P4s? Can anyone suggest a better solution? If I am to get a new HSF combo, my budget is around 50 bucks. Any suggestion? Or should I first try out Artic Silver 3 with the stock HSF first? And by the way, what is the speed of the P4 stock fan? Mine is running at 2400rpm range.
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  1. don't know the stock speed of the fan
    yes you should try as3 instead of the thermal pad interface, that should help your temps a good deal (~5C at load i'm tempted to say, but i can't be sure)
    $50 is a good budget for a new heatsink/fan, but not good enough to get what i think is the best =/
    the swiftech mcx4000 is the best on the market imo, and goes for $60 ($54+shipping from newegg.com) and add an 80mm fan to bring the total to around $65-70
    otherwise i like the thermaltake volcano 7+
    it's the one i ended up going with b/c of cost
    it's only $34 total from newegg, and it dropped my temps amazingly from my old really crappy aluminum cooler
    keep the fan on low if you're not overclocking

    HOWEVER, HAVING SAID ALL OF THAT, there is no reason to get a new hsf just because of temperatures unless your system is getting unstable, or the noise is bothering you and you might as well get cooler temps with the new hsf as well

    that said, i consider the thermaltake v7+ on low your best option (med gets a little annoying, high is quite annoying in terms of noise)

    EDIT: i just came across the vantec aeroflow (model VP4-C7040 for the P4, there's also a socket A), it gets great review from many sites, particularly <A HREF="http://www.overclockers.com/articles373/" target="_new">here</A>
    it's just as cheap as the v7+, performs just as well or better, and is quieter as well
    search for it on <A HREF="http://www.pricewatch.com" target="_new">pricewatch</A> to buy

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  2. Definitely get some asIII and try reseating that sink yourself first. The quality of the heatsink installation can make a big difference in temps. I had a P4 recently that was idling a 50C and I did a reseat/repaste using the same $12 coolermaster hsf and the idle temp went to 34C. This is an extreme example perhaps but I was amazed at the difference a little extra care meant when installing.

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