What are .001 file types?

Due to a recent disaster at work, I'm re-building a PC that suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure. The problem I have is that I need to rebuild the MS Access database that was running on it. The database had been backed up to five floppy disks by someone else and I don't know what software they've used. All I can tell you is that the files created have the extension .001 - Any one out there know these are or what software might have been used to generate them??? (I've tried both 95 / NT backup programs to no effect)

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  1. Problem solved, .001 files are used by the ms-dos restore program. Doh! Should really engage brain b4 posting stupid requests for info!

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  2. .001's can also be compressed files.

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  3. Yes they can, for example if you use winace to split files, they will be caled <i>file</i>.001, <i>file</i>.002 etc

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  4. WinRAR also uses .001, .002, etc.

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  5. Also, I think when ScanDisk finds problem files (like cross-linked), and you select "Save", it saves them with those extensions. I could be remembering wrong.

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