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What are your new sources you used to get informed?

Kind of curious.. I know Fox News is one of those sacred cows the left love to pick on. I see this argument a lot so I'm curious to know what sources people use.

I use a lot of local news websites in particular cities as try to avoid the larger ones.

Gotta admit, I'm a fan of the DrudgeReport though because you find multiple links everywhere segway to multiple sites.
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  1. NPR while commuting, hands down one of the best places to get your news.

    Huffingtonpost (If you use the blaze you can shut it).

    I cruise Google news often, they link to just about every site.

    And the AP.

    I don't have cable TV so I haven't seen whats on CNN, Fox, NBC, etc.

    Fark if I want an interesting time.
  2. Fark is always a good time.

    I admit I had never heard of the Blaze until I saw repeated links from Oldmangamer on it. I was aware of HuffingtonPost because of that Arianna lady and some of the things she said, along with the AOL deal thing.

    The one thing I don't like about Huffington Post is the sheer amount of 'blogs' or personal opinions down the left hand side of the site. It seems to take away from the middle row of actual news.. and I think that hurts their viewer-base but also helps put their perspective and ideas out there to the reader base.

    That's one of the main reasons I like DrudgeReport. He doesn't do any reporting, only linking.. though he picks what stuff to put there.

    I don't watch news on TV either.

    I was listening to NPR while driving over the weekend. Bored me to death for about an hour or two. They were talking about a piano player and the Ronald McDonald houses. They're too monotone. :)
  3. If you can get it on your cable / satellite package then Russia Today is well worth a watch. We now get it as part of the free digital terrestrial TV package in the UK. Compared to the BBC it's a far better source for European news.
  4. I read and watch the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's news because it tends to be the least biased, telling both sides of the issue. I find that the rest of the commercial news channels in Australia to be very right-wing or simply wrong... *cough* *cough* todaytonight :P

    Today tonight: Shows ABS statistics about Islamic migration in Australia. Cuts to an "expert" who talks about concealing weapons with traditional garb. Connects the two implying that each Islamic migrant is a suicide bomber normally with something like "the issue is a ticking time bomb with concealed headdresses" then links it to a current news article like that woman forced to take off her hijab to male officers who wanted only to be inspected by female officers, then accuses her of being a terrorist because she refuses the "honourable" police.

    Then they have those articles where they go up to banks who are evicting people because they can't pay their mortgage, telling the banks how heartless they are etc. when the person has squadered their money away buying crap like new TVs and computers etc. How sad? Didn't pay the bill and got kicked out? That's life...
  5. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    All except for being the propaganda arm of the government and the former KGB, then ok.

    And you think the BBC is what exactly? I've seen news stories flip polarity and reports get pulled very quickly with them. At least RT actually reported the European riots recently. They had better coverage of SOPA than any of the western media. The fact that they like to poke fun at the USA is really just the icing on the cake.
  6. Thats why NPR is the best only about 10% of their funding comes from the government. Everything else is donated, which means their allegiance is to the people not profits or policy.

    But just for the record I despise A Prairie Home Companion.
  7. I'm a fan of the

    Wait, is that even around anymore?

    Can you people provide links? I'm actually interested in visiting these sites to draw my own conclusion. :)
  8. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Don't know why you addressed that to me. I didn't list the BBC as a news source I use.

    It was more the point that any state owned broadcaster is going to carry the bias of it's masters. The US media is privately owned but then many people would claim that so is the government.
  9. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    They wouldn't be responsible to their donors like, say Exxon? You know that NPR didn't give a single report on the Exxon Valdex oil spill? Not one?

    Im not sure If I believe that but I was like 1 at the time....... My current experiences have been good, say in the last 5 years. And a quick Google search debunks that.

    Recommend his reading for an upfront and truly unbiased review on the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, along with other conflicts going on throughout the world here and there. His articles are short, concise, and very informative.
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