Whats a good way to make friends to play pc games with online

i recently switched to pc from xbox for gaming, and i only have one friend that plays on pc and he only plays civilization 5. so how can i make some friends online to play games with.
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    buy an online game. log on to a server and play. then if you feel comfy start chatting with either the server owners/ clan members or the randoms. after a few days on the same server you will start seeing familiar names popping up time and again. if they seem ok and not prepubescent A-Holes ask em to add you to the friends list if the game has 1. if it doesnt ask for there steam/xfire/origin/live id there are others but they are the most common you could also download team speak, ask the server host for the TS details and ask to join there channel. (you will need a mic minimum for this)
    you will eventually want to invest in a good mic and quality headset then maybe a sound card for online chat (motherboard audio tends to suffer interfearance wile using voip as it can blead over the game audio... this will loose you any chance of chatting clearly and often other players will just complain about poor sound off your gear...

    i have friends that i have never met in person but have played games with for 7 years, since i came back to pc gaming. when you find good 1s you will play pretty much anything and have fun doing it.
    games to avoid for friendships... WOW, yes you could get lucky and mett a decent raid party but more often than not there full of snipers and politicos vying for power in the party. more often than not there run by 1 guy who knows best no matter if hes rite or not more often not. you wont be able to tell him anything about anything and he has done everything more often than you and done it better... well after he looses the 300lbs he's gained in the last 10 years of playing wow 36 hours a day 8 days a week, 40 days a month and 363 days a year... (1 day spent in the bathroom washing sweat out of his crack)... leap years dont count because there a government conspiracy...
    but yeah happy hunting. im sure you will find plenty of friends...

    also check out toms harwares steam group add your steam id and some 1 here will add you...
  2. what games would be good for that that are fun?
  3. A decent place to meet people is through practicing in Team Fortress 2. It's free to play so there is no price threshold to overcome, and in most cases the starting guns are better rounded and in the end all-together better than any of the ones that you might find or buy from the shop. Also the skillcap in the game is extremely high.

    LoL, Dota 2 and HoN are free to play as well but honestly their communities are so vitriol, perhaps partially stemming from the holdover sentiment of Dota players acknowledging that their genre is just a significantly dumbed down Warcraft 3. You'll probably get plenty of recommendations from people who are fans of these games who don't take a timeout to evaluate the cesspool that is their own game's community unfortunately.
  4. Best way to make friends is to be good mannered, humble, funny, relaxed, and have decent skill in the game.

    In fact, its about the same as in real life, just you wont get distracted by a nice looking girl and forget why you were there in the first place.
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  6. pirates online is a good and safe game us to play it all day now i play CoD BO1 but these game will always have endings like pirates online afther LV50 and you mastered the game there's nuthing to do so simcity 5 online there is always something new to do to the city but i am a big fan of simcity so readed the reviews and watch the youtube videos on it or on any game before you buy it.

    i tell everyone this so, just take it or leve it.

    if it is a i5 or i7 it is already ocing look into a Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology Monitor and update your video drivers too they do not update on there own. Even on auto update.
  7. You can search for online gaming communities. There are tons out there and some really big ones that play tons of different games. It's really nice if you like playing and interacting with others. Personally, I hate people.
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