Gta 4 slow fps problem solve

hey guys, I've a problem.I'm getting very low fps in GTA IV.But my PC configuration is not so ad.
Intel i5(3.1 GHz)
4GB ddr3 ram,nvidia 210 1GB graphics card(306.23 driver) windows 7 64bit.
what should i do now?
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  1. You cant do anything. The game was horribly optimized for PC. Even 680's with i7's can't max it so a low level GPU like yours will struggle.
  2. It looks like you have a GeForce GT 210. That is the lowest entry level GPU of the GeForce 2xx series. GTA IV is a badly programmed game.

    Combine these 2 facts and you have an unplayable GTA IV experience. Basically, there's nothing you CAN do.
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