i need some sudjestions pleas help

does anyone know some new sweet technologys fresh out or comming ourt soo i cant decide what to make my report on at school i want to make it somthing that not alot of people have herd about or somthing that alot of people havenot seen much of can some one please help me out with a few sudgestions the only rulles are that it has to be new technology HELP HELP
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  1. what about talkin about Serial ATA - its not perfectly new, but new enough. you can talk about how SCSI drives have been around for years and cost way too much, and now S-ATA is the next best thing.

    Otherwise, you might want to look at either AMD's new Barton cores, or Intel's new (well, up-and-coming) Centrino mobile processor (see: <A HREF="http://www.intel.com/products/mobiletechnology/index.htm?iid=Homepage+Highlight_030127a&" target="_new">http://www.intel.com/products/mobiletechnology/index.htm?iid=Homepage+Highlight_030127a&</A>).

    What else... umm, NVidia's new GeForce FX GPUs are pretty cool... also their NForce 2 chipsets.

    You can also talk about overclocking in general, and how it enables users and manufacturers to test hardware limits, all the while establishing new technology speeds (Such as tom's reachin' 4 Ghz on that watercooled - or was it phasechange - P4 system).

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  2. How about RAMdrives? a lot of non-computer people would know what a HDD is, and they would understand you if you said that the HDD is the system bottleneck and if you replaced it with RAM, it wouldnt be. On the other hand, most people wouldnt know what a chipset or ATA is lol.

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  3. haahahhahaha very true dude. if you decide to do a project on computer stuff you're limitting the people's attention span (a lot of ppl get bored REEALLLLYYYY fast when they dun understand).... mind you, losin' the teacher in info they don't understand can work too ;)

    But dude, think about RAMdrives anyways - the price tag on that would be bloody f*cking high. think about, lets say 512mb of PC333Mhz DDR costs ya US$75... turn that into a 40 gig , thats 78 modules @ US$5,850. I mean, you'd probably get a nice wholesale deal but still LOL ... wonder if you could build yourself a "RAM Array" to use as a HD... hmmmmmmm, now THAT'S a project that'll win ya some points !

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  4. How about DNA computers and nano-machines? I personally like wearable computers for soldiers. The Army's got a sweet setup for using computers on the battlefield.

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  5. Hmmmm, nanocomputers huh ? could be cool but yeah, that wearable computing is pretty good, but above that think human/computer hybrids ! ! now thats some messed up technolgy if it ever develops

    <b>people are only idiots when they don't realize - when they do it just gets funnier, like a dog chasing its own tail, or like george bush's public address(es)</b>
  6. OLEDs Organic-LEDs

    They're out there right now (in car stereos, cell-phones) and the future technology means we may have 24+" monitors we roll-up or fold like a newspaper and carry around. They could also mean Disposable monitors (printed on products) which are made using ink-jet printers.
    Imagine a countdown timer on your yoghurt or medicine (days left 'till expiry...)

    VERY cool technology IMHO! And there is ALOT of research and practicle demonstrations out there (including a 15" TV that sells only in Japan, made by Hitachi or Mitsubishi I think).

    Anywhoo, that's my two loonies worth.

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  7. Quantum computers, Quantum teleportation, Organic computers, nano tubes. IBM is doing alot of work on all of these.

    Ramdrives aren't new technology. I used one back in 95 or so, and even then they were old.

    I'm trying to think of some non-computer advances.

    There's been alot of advances on Robotics lately, especially from Sony. They're sinking alot of money into the development of a robotic butler/maid and are soon coming out with a robotic vaccum. It may already be out in Japan.

    How about that personal walking machine? I forget what it's called but it's basically a 2 wheeled platform that you stand on and use your shifting body weight to move it. They predict that it'll revolutionize the courier and mail delivery businesses. The comic strip Betty (currently available at comics.com) is running a storyline about them.

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