How many watts do I need

Not sure which forum this should be on, but since it will be overclocked some...

How many watts am I going to need to run this config?

AMD Athlon XP 2100+ Tbred-b OEM CPU
ThermalTake Smart Fan 2 80mm
Thermalright SLK800
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Motherboard
80 gb WD 8mb Cache HD
Optorite52x24x52 CW5202BK
BK sony floppy Newegg 10
CHIEFTEC FS710 Black Case
GF4 4600Ti
4 case fans

I figure it will use about 350 watts, so the TT-360AD(DUAL FAN) is what I have my eye on. Is that enough for that config (which will be overclocked) or should I get a 420 watt PS or so?
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  1. you might concider going to 400 or 430W in case you upgrade to a new video card, i believe the min req for those is 350, so just to be on the safe side so you have enough power ^_^

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  2. Its not wattage thats important... its the brand name and the quality of the unit.

    350W should be quite sufficient, provided its a QUALITY psu. antec, enermax or toptower by prefrence.

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  3. Hey I would agree- quality is more important then quantity when is comes to psu's. I have a setup nearly identical to yours, and I'm running it all on an Antec 300 watt supply... I've never had a problem with it, although I do wish I had gotten a bigger supply, just so I would have a little extra headroom.
  4. You're very lucky! My OLD PIII system wouldn't run right on an Antec 250W, I had to upgrade to a Fortron 250W just to make it stable!

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  5. Enermax is the way to go...The ENERMAX EG365AX-VE (W)FMA provides 26A to the +12v rail and is only a 350w psu....most generic 500w power supplys will underperform this quality power supply....I recommmend either this one or the 465AX (433w)if you want even more power

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  6. Did you even bother to read Tom's review? i.e, rated output vs. actual output, the Fortron power supplies are rated much more conservatively.

    <font color=blue>Watts mean squat if you don't have quality!</font color=blue>
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