listen to this stupid thing I did....

I flashed bios. I think I flashed wrong bios. PC would not boot next time I turned it on. So I take the battery out to default the bios, nothing. Here is the stupid part...I pulled the 4-pin plug while pc on...yeah I know. Did I zap my CPU? I was told mboard was shot, got a new one but that didn't work. I have a P4 w/ 350w supply. I tried the 350 in an HP P3 500 and it works, but that normally only has a 250w supply. ANy thoughts are apprecited.
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  1. someone correct me if i'm wrong, but as far as i know, taking out the battery only resets the cmos, which means all settings are put to default, but the new (or wrong) bios is still there
    also, one time i did something really stupid (plugged in or unplugged a cd drive while the comp was still on, i forget) and a big blue spark happened as the whole computer completely crashed. i tried turning it back on, unplugging and turning it back on, etc.
    i ran to my friend's room (i'm in a college dorm) and starting griping, and he was like "dude just chill, i did somethin like that once and i tried turning it on 1/2 hr later and it worked"
    i wasn't convinced, but 1/2 hr later i went back to try it and the comp worked flawlessly, i don't know how! these things happen haha =)
    that's just to tell you that maybe you didn't fry everything, or anything

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  2. Yeah, once you've flashed bios, it's flashed. Pulling the battery only resets the bios defaults. Which in your case would be the defaults to, still, the wrong bios.

    Ignorance is bliss, and i'm a happy guy!
  3. Well if your BIOS is misflashed look at the manufactuers page if there is a way to reflash the BIOS with an emergy disk.

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