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guys please help..i have a sharp aqous LC and samsung notebook. i bought hdmi port to connect from pc to hdmi.but no sounds. i have check the control panel but the hdmi icon shows moving green is there. however no sounds again. i downloaded nvidia, but still not working. i jz bought this stuff and still not working.....
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  1. In order for you to send video to your television from your laptop, you have to select a different display for the screen to appear on (in this case, your tv). To do that, simply go to your display settings (by either right clicking your desktop, then properties, then display tab) or through control panel (under display/screen apperance). Once there, a field with the title monitor should be somewhere on the page and select your tv instead. Hit apply and okay and it should send the image to your tv now.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
  2. It could be either the laptop or the TV... can you try the laptop on a different TV, and a different laptop with your TV?

    There are some suggestions regarding setting the default sound device in this thread:

    If it's the TV, it is possible that there is a firmware update for it.


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