1900+ Palomino good overclocker?

Is the 1900+ palomino a good over clocker? What speed's should I expect, I'm hoping for 2.0 GHz with good air cooling.


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  1. It's not a great one... you will need to have some luck to reach 2 GHz. You can search the OC database on Overclockers.com to see what OCs are reached.

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  2. If you want a good overclocker, get an Athlon 1700+ Throughbred core. These overclock extrmely well. Stock is at 1.47 GHz. but you can clock these to 2.2 or even 2.3 GHz with good cooling.
  3. unless your watercooling, you won't hit 2ghz. My pal 1900+ would run unstable at 2100+ stable at 2000+ speeds

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