[Console and PC Gaming] Very Strange Tritton AX720 issue.

Hey Guys so I have a Tritton AX720 headset and something very weird is happening. When I had my headset pluged into my xbox it was working perfectly, I had the switch set to the 720 amp setting not the pc switch and it was working great. Then I went to plug it into my PC and I then switched it from 720amp to the PC. Now whenever I plug the headset into my Xbox I only get sound when I have it switched to the PC option but I cannot hear any of my friends talk. This makes no sense at all since I am no longer even pluged into my computer. The headset should be switched to 720amp but whenever I do that there is no sound at all, it is suppose to be switched to 720amp when in my xbox but now only sound comes through when switched to PC. This is very annoying and I really want to talk to my friends but I cant because my headset is having this really odd issue. If anyone could help me at all that would be amazing considering how frustrating this is.
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  1. I think I have a similar problem. I have changed my setting from amp to pc to plug into my computer and the sound is really quite and stays the same volume when on 720 amp in the computer but my Xbox sound works on pc mode but not 720 amp. did you fix yours yet or do you still have this problem?

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