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hi. recently i've closed L1 bridges on my AMD 1800XP+ cpu. everything went well. i've checked the cpu with "wcpuid". it's working at 1668,75 MHz, but the name string field still shows AMD Athlon(TM) XP 1800+. the same string occurs during boot-up... Shouldn't it be Athlon 2000XP+? Does this string depend on the real model of cpu, or on the multipler value? i've got A7V333 MB.
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  1. hmmm, thats strange. The read speed should depend on processor speed. I know that my 2000+ overclocked to 1800mhz showed as a 2100+ and when I hit 1850mhz it went upto 2200+.

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  2. That is strange... maybe the BIOS overrides the name string while maintaining the higher speed... you can check if there is a setting inside the BIOS to shutdown automatic (CPU) speed recognation and set everything manual.
    The latest version of WCPUID is 3.1a... check if you got the latest version.

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  3. Perhaps this is only the case with mult. change? However I have my 1800+ at the same speed via FSB change and it still says 1800+ everywhere aswell (boot string, wcpuid, pcmark, 3dmark, and Sandra 2001-2003)

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  4. I'm getting the same thing an an A7N8X Deluxe. Weird huh?

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