Vantec AeroFlow on an A7N8X

i am planning on getting an Asus A7N8X motherboard with an AMD Athlon XP 2400+ and was looking at getting a Vantec AeroFlow VA4-C7040 fan and heatsink.

my question is, will the Vantec AeroFlow fit on the A7N8X motherboard? i heard that the AeroFlow is pretty bulky and i noticed that there isn't any room on one side of the CPU socket on the Asus motherboard.
Does anyone have the Asus A7N8X motherboard with the Vantec AeroFlow installed? or know for sure if it will fit on this motherboard?
thanks for any help!
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  1. hmmm, what I'm actually concerned about is the temps you'll get with that CPU and the aeroflow - I've got the aeroflow and hit 37*C on idle with an Athlon XP 1600 Palamino core... sometimes up to 50*C under load...

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  2. :smile: The heatsink sounds like it should be ok, if it fits. Any heatsink with a thermal resistance under .5 should do fine, hybrids (copper bottom, aluminum fins) work very well.

    The motherboard is something else... Take a look in the motherboard and chpset forum... see all those people talking about the A7NX8... they ain't bragging!

    MSI apparently has a good nforce based board, maybe you should look at it instead.

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  3. on that point i've gotta agree with you, why go for that a7nx8 when you can go for an n-force mobo for the (almost) same price.... I didn't even realise at the time, but TEQ is right, that mobo is garbage, I can't even begin to list how many problems I'm helped with where that was the mobo... the asus nforce2 board is nice if you rather stick to asus, though look at Tom's review of the boards to see what specifics you're looking for and therefore which board to get..

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  4. most of the problems with this board have been with people who have no clue what they're doing. I have this board and it's awesome. Check in the motherboards forum and you'll see how many people haven't a clue of how to properly install one of these
  5. AND... you will see how many can't even get to the BIOS!

    ANY motherboard that works right will obviously bee deemed a good board by it's owner. I have customers who are in love with PC-Chips... the real test is how many people have problems with it, especially if you are going to be selling products incorporating them.

    I've built and used one off stuff nobody else can get to work... does that mean it's a good thing? No it only means that it did what I wanted.

    Skill --impressive though it may be-- really doesn't count when you have to release one of these complicated monsters into the hands of customers who will almost certainly be screaming "warranty" at you in a couple of days.

    Thanks, but no thanks :smile: .

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  6. hahahaha good point dude, no matter what hardware you have if you're an idiot you're no where closer to having a working/performant system

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  7. ok, as far as the question goes, i have the same mobo and fan, i'm running on a Dragon Server Case, 4 case fans, and am running a 2100+b at 2.25ghz. The temps seem fine, 33*C idle and going up to 41*C full load. it really isn't as tight a fit as it looks. As far as how bad the board is, i've never had any troubles with it. Never had a problem getting into bios. Now this is my first experiance with Asus, but so far it's a good one. GL with the board and don't go cheap on the ram...that's where i hear most of the problems come from.

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  8. Agreed about the board... the Vantec fan is a good choice. I've used it on 1700+ succesfully with temps in the mid to low 40s under regular operation...

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