Games slow after OS reinstall

I used to have Windows 7, and upgraded to Windows 8 Pro. Games used to run extremely slow on Windows 8, so thinking that a new driver was required to be released by Nvidia, I formatted my computer and reinstalled Windows 7 Professional.

After updating everything and installing drivers, I installed some games to play - Witcher 2 and ACR to be exact. But the very games that used to run perfectly without any lag whatsoever, now run slowly, even after multiple reinstalls of the games. Now I'm at a loss on what to do. Help would be appreciated

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  1. Hi,

    could you provide more info,

    your computer specs, approximate age of machine/components
    temperatures, load values and clock rates under load (when running the game)
    what settings are you running Witcher 2 with? have you disabled ubersampling? if not, disable it.

    Have you reinstalled dx9 updates? if not
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