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Banned on Black Ops issue

Hey guys, just downloaded Black Ops 2 which reminded me how much I liked Black Ops Zombies (and MP also). Problem is: I'm perma-banned on Black Ops 1 because I joined some crazy hacked lobby and picked up a python that shot rpgs (? lol). So I'm curious how I would go about contacting Activision or Treyarch to try to get unbanned. I'd even be willing to buy the game again but I don't how I can do that since I already have it purchased in Steam.
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  1. they only ban you on the game you cheat on... you should be able to play black ops 2 without issue.
    whether you intended to cheat is not an issue. you got caught doing something you shouldnt so they banned you fair and square but it is only fro that game...
    if you do it again on another game they will ban you from that 2. the thing is that if you repeatedly use cheats they will eventually ban your whole account, but for now it should only be the 1 game your banned from.
  2. Yes, you shouldn't be banned from a completely different game. Also, you can try sending them an email, explaining the situation, although that may not help much. But it will be good to keep a record of it, just in case you DO encounter problems with BO2. You really shouldn't, but you never know.
  3. No no no I'm not banned from Black Ops 2, sorry I worded that weird. I'm just banned from Black Ops 1 and I'm trying to figure out how I can get back online even if I have to buy the game again.
    And since it's purchased in my steam library I don't know how i
    I can 'repurchase' it.
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    I still think you should drop them a mail. Just email Steam support and see what they say.
  5. You shouldn't be asking us. You should be contacting Steam Customer Support at and talking to them.

    If you were banned it was because your gamertag was found to be modding, hacking, cheating or boosting.
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  7. Alright, thanks. Sorry if it was kind of a dumb question I thought someone here might know a quick way to "unpurchase and repurchase" a Steam game.
  8. If only it was the reality that people got banned from entire series that they cheated in at one point or another.
  9. im banned on mw2 for hosting modded lobbies but bo1 mw3 and bo2 run fine. its game specific
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