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i wanna find and old strategy game. Unfortunately i cant remember the title, all i remember is there were 2-3 factions. one facton was the chinese empire and the other was the US federation i think.
there were droids, tanks and ships u could control.
u could also built turrets near ur factories.
the factories were already built and u could capture them.
one droid was called kamikaze, and one turret was called sundance. i dnt remember anything else. so if anyone recognizes this game i will be really gratefull. thanks
in the single player campaign u could choose any of the factions. each had its own campaign. the campaign was about world domination.each faction had their own unique units.
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  1. I think it's called Swords and Soldiers.
  2. i remembered the title .
    its called 'Mayday: Conflict Earth'
  3. There you go :)
  4. You should try this online Strategy Game. It got me interested from the first time I played it. The more you play, the more options you have, and you can convert your virtual currency into real money, too. I am so glad that there are browser-based Strategy Games, too, nowadays. With just a few minutes of your time a day, you can make pretty much extra money.
  5. lol i thought it was command and conquer...
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