Black ops 2 makes my pc freeze. as well

My ps freezes as well only playing black ops 2 right in the middle of the game I have a new built computer just for gaming.

gtx 570
950 power

and the latest and greatest also reloaded drivers and reinstalled the game no luck
any help out there
Papa Guns :hello:
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  1. Post your specs. // CPU, MOBO, RAM, etc
    Post your game settings & Resolution. // LOW - MED - MAX
    If you have something running in the background it may cause this. I'd suggest exiting/disabling all software to test that. If this doesn't work, turn down your settings to see what's the most stable setting you can run at for a long duration. (i.e.: some OC software or Lucid Virtu MVP.)
  2. If you are running Lucid Virtu MVP for virtualizing of GPUs it is very temperamental with some games I've found. Disabling this for me has solved many problems with BF3 and Dead Island for example. Sometimes just disabling Hyperperformance and V-sync on the menu options for Virtu MVP resolves it.
  3. im reading that people that have te 570 and 580 are still freezing up sounds like we need a patch for these cards, I have tried running at the lowest settings even at 800 screen res, and I dont have any temp problems and it still crashes,and I have talk to evga and nivida and did all there sugestions with no luck so i think im screwed :-(
  4. Why is this in the game console section? Get an OP to move it to PC games.
  5. i have a gtx 570 superclocked too and mine freezes then the screen goes black every like 2 hours i'd say. maybe less. but it still shouldn't do that!
  6. same it happens to me as well i have 550 ti this is really annoying
    whenever im on round like 28 on tranzit it just crashes but i hear the sounds in the background
    if any one has a solution please tell us who have this problem
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