Vantec Aeroflow weight to much?

I am considering buying a Vantec Aeroflow cooler for my AMD processor. I've read that AMD's recommended max limit for heatsink/fan weight is 300 grams, but the Aeroflow weighs just short of 400 grams. Do you think it is safe to transport my computer around with a heatsink past the recommended weight? Or will I have to remove the heatsink every time I go to a LAN party?

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  1. You should be fine. My Swiftech weighs more than 400gr and I move the case around a lot. Just be careful not to bump it into things a lot.

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  2. It really depends on its mounting mechanism.
    If its 400g with the 2 clip design, thats definately a danger.
    If it uses a 6 clip design then you are probably ok, Though if you are transporting it lots you may wish to check it before use or unmount it.

    Arguable the best mounting mechanism is that which is used by the mcx-462 alpha 8045 and the SLK-900. Mounting through the motherboard is initially more complex, but is FAR FAR FAR more secure. I have a mcx-462 and nothing is gonna remove that sucker short of hitting it with a sledgehammer.

    A consideration should you wish to have a mobile system.

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  3. For what it's worth, AMD's tech paper on heatsinks is here:
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  4. dude, don't worry about it at all - i've got the aeroflow and i practically throw my case around with no worries - maybe thats also because i've got a tweakmonster shim in between (hey, some customer of mine actually bitched at me because the shims are annodized purple and he thought it was too feminine for him !) and its all good. don't worry about it whatsoever, its not like you're installing that 1 1/2 pound Zalman heatsink !

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