GTA V Trailer 2 Released

As many of you may know GTA V Trailer 2 was released today.

You can view a detailed analysis here :

However I wonder how consoles are going to cope with GTA V considering they could barely run GTA IV when it first came out back in 2008 and the huge graphical improvements found in GTA V, though Rockstar would've made improvements to the RAGE engine that should help it perform better on console and PC's, I'm sure most of you remember how hard it was to run GTA IV on your PC when it first came out, only after patch did it really run well.

What are your thoughts?
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  1. Aliasing hurt my eyes :(.
  2. 1:06 --- OK Let's Bounce......... Bounce !!!.... We're Bouncing Now...
  3. Link 404'd on me.

    I wouldn't say it ran "well" after the patch. Hopefully it will run better on PC but I am slightly disappointed than it doesn't look even better considering how old GTA IV is.
  4. It says 404 for me to.
  5. I saw the trailer on stream and youtube with some reviewer and such, i heard it going to release next year and the next console will appear, but the next xbox and ps4 will not be a mainstream yet, and my opinion at the same time they will nerf the graphic etc for the current console.

    I think this game will be playable with current and next gen consoles
    But the playing pleasure is with the best platform that can runt this game with the best settings
    And i believe the developer will able to coop with their on plan release this game on multiple platform.

  6. Sunius said:
    Aliasing hurt my eyes :(.

    + 10,000

    GTA 4 was no better in the graphical or performance sense either. I remember having it on my PS3, the frame rate dips were horrendous. Not to mention the aliasing was just blinding.

    Then I finally built this PC. To my not so surprise, I realised that it ran no better on PC

    The new GTA however, keeping in mind they have had 5 YEARS to develop and improve, I am sure will not lack bugs, graphical glitches and FPS dips no matter if it's PC or console.

    They just can't optimize well and I've come to terms with that, because despite all that, the game is still amazing.

    If you want optimization, Valve will forever be the king.

    PS. GTA 5 beginning to look like SIMS
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