Can't remeber old pc game.

i remember my uncle playing it. i'm sure but not 100% that it was a pc game.

i believe you were a star actor in a horror movie. you could leave the house and see the film truck and stuff. i distinctly remember a fish tank on the first floor with a key in it and also in there was a piranha. you would try to get it out and it would eat your hand. there was a cave with a banshie and would screech at you till you died. i think a werewolf &/or a vampier on the second floor. it was a point and click puzzle game i guess. the name would be really helpful ty. 90's game i do believe
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  1. hugo's house of horrors? dunno, never got past the main screen outside the house.
  2. Nope, that wasn't it. It was much better looking. I'm remotely sure it had a body damage meter in the bottem right of you hud. Letting you know what part of your body was damaged.
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