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unlocking problem!

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March 12, 2003 7:39:40 PM

Hi, Im having big problems with unlocking, heres the deal: I got the chip in, checked the internet on how to do it, then got super glue, a razor, some tape and bought some aluminum paint at walmart.

Now ok I started by filling in the pits, all was good it appeared! Then I chizzeled the paint down abit [without tape over the contacts tho..], then i applied the aluminum paint and cut between the bridges to ensure no overlapping. After I attempted to boot it up...and nothing! I get no video no beeps the system gets power and the fan runs but I just get no screen! So I take the cpu out and examine it some more, and I noticed that between the first two contacts i razored to hard cause I could see a little twinkilng of copper..could this be grounding my connection or something? I was thinking of maybe supergluing over the copper to ground it but I want to ask some of the pros on what to do cause this is my first time and I hope the chip isnt dead!! please give me some ideas!

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April 1, 2003 9:25:01 PM

what exactly did you buy from Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart is gay, are you sure you didnt actually get silver PAINT like you said? neways i would start all over, clean off all the PAINT (or whatever) and clean around the area u cut too deeply real well, then yes, insulate it with super glue.

make sure you get nickle or silver LAQOUR, or a "SILVER PEN" which can be had for around 10 bux in most electronics stores (RADIO SHACK IS GAY DONT GO THERE! They didnt even carry silver laqour or a silver pen at the 2 radio shacks i went to, even if they did i wouldnt buy it, RADIO SHACK IS GAY!)

Long live ATI.
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April 1, 2003 9:27:56 PM

BTW i dont think aluminum would do it.
A i wrong someone? The traces have to have less resistence than the copper core below them to work, and copper is more conductive than aluminum... but maybe some type of uber-aluminum uber-refined laqour stuff might work.
NE1 know?
i know nickle laqour works.

Long live ATI.
April 1, 2003 9:32:09 PM

uhm guys, copper and aluminum are good heat conductors, but only copper can conduct electricity, aluminum is one of the worst electrical conductors there is so my advice is use something that actually CAN bridge the pins (and not a pice of wood)

April 1, 2003 9:40:10 PM

first of all, almost ANYTHING can conduct electricity (even a piece of wood!) to some degree.
secondly, aluminum is actually a fairly good conductor (not as good as copper, and not nearly as good as some others), but definately conducts fairly well. u can test this yourself (as i have MANY times).
get a piece of aluminum, like a heatsink or something (or a piece of aluminum foil if you dont have a heatsink)

u can do this with 2 pieces of aluminum if u want, but one will prove my point.
now take the positive and negative wires from a fairly powerful amplifier, turn up the volume a little, and put one end on the aluminum, and one end somewhere else, preferably close (you can get some muscle movements going if u do it right!)
now see? aluminum does conduct electricity!

*Note: Willamette_Sucks may not be held responsible for any bodily injuries that very well may occur from doing this experiment. If you have any type of heart condition, i advise you NOT to do this. Also start with the volume control LOW otherwise it will hurt or you could die.


Long live ATI.
April 2, 2003 1:04:54 AM

don't do the shocker thing, thats why willamette is like he is.

If its not broken, you're not trying hard enough.
April 3, 2003 3:16:18 PM

Aluminium is a great electricity conductor to, better then iron and solder. The resistance of aluminium is 27x10^-9 Ohm/m while that of gold is 22 and that of copper 17. Silver is even better with 16.

Silver is really great material... it is the best thermal and electrical conductor. But it isn't very strong.

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