Black Ops 2 FPS PC bad

So when I'm at the title menus for black ops 2 I get 60 fps but as soon as I get in a game it drops down to 18, any way to fix? I have a really good computer.

Dell XPS 15
8 GB ram
64 bit
Windows 7
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  1. The XPS is only an average laptop with an average video card. You have to lower your settings. What settings are you running it on?
  2. its 60fps because it's no rendering anything. As labrynthian said it's not a powerful gaming laptop. Try and put it on low and let us know what you get.
  3. I'm running on the lowest settings possible. When I was playing black ops 1, it was fine and really smooth. Still 18 fps when I'm in a game and Campaign
  4. What GPU does your dell have?
  5. If you're playing on the lowest settings, on an i7 with 8GB RAM, it has to be your graphics card. So yes, please tell us which GPU you have...
  6. Nvidia 540m
  7. ^ Pretty weak. You should be able to play it on low though.
  8. Yea. That's it. That's a low level class 2 GPU. Thats where your problem is. You need a better Graphics Card.
  9. It's probably a GPU problem. But I have a dedicated GPU, but not as good as a processor and I still have fps problems, so maybe it's not just that.
  10. But on Black Ops 1 I am able to play fine and same with MW3, no frame rate.
  11. Well the new patch seems to fix my issues in multiplayer; I mean it still slows a little, but is mostly 60fps at 1080p. I'm still getting a low fps in single player though. Did the new patch help at all?

    If not try things things:
    - Try downloading GBoost or Gamebooster, they help close programs that might cause lag.
    - Make sure you have the latest drivers.
  12. update your f***ing drivers.
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