Gta 4 gameplay is very slow nt running smoothly in my pc but i have 512 mb amd

gta 4 while playing is nt running smoothly very slow gameplay but i hav 512mb amd radeon graphics windows 7 n 4gb ram pls help me
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  1. From memory GTA 4 was a badly optimized PC game, meaning that it would use more resources to run it than it should have done. It was heavily taxing on the CPU and GPU, and provided less graphics than it should have considering how much of the systems resources it used. You Also need to remember, that your equipment is sitting at the lower end and is only capable of playing the game - not playing it with high settings.

    Your problem is likely to be that you have the settings turned up too high for the graphics card and CPU you have. Try turning everything down to its lowest quality setting and then report back if the game is still not running smoothly. A driver update of your graphics card and patching the game might help also.
  2. how to lower down the settings
  3. karan_96 said:
    how to lower down the settings

    In the main menu of the game there will be text that says options or settings, go into this and select something along the lines of graphics, video settings etc. Once in here, turn everything down (ie textures turn it from high down to low).
  4. ther is little improvement but i want 100% pls help
  5. It is very poorly optimized for PC. Even the best rigs can't max it out at 60fps.

    Considering your rig you might just be able to run it on lowest settings but if you want to play it then an upgrade is required.
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