Mechanical keyboard vs laptop style keyboard for gaming

Ive never really used a mechanical keyboard, but I always hear that they are the preferred keyboards for gaming. when I check them online I notice they all have big high keys. I personally hate using keyboards with high keys. Ive been gaming on my llano laptop(it runs tf2 well, so Im happy with it) and I really love the feel of the low, silent, easy to press keys.

since Im currently listing out the parts Ill buy for a good desktop gaming pc Ive come across the question, should I buy a mechanical keyboard or a laptop style keyboard? what is your experience with mechanical keyboards and laptop style keyboards?

again, Ive never tried a mech keyboard. Id be buying one online blindly hoping its worth the money.

any advice would help, thanks
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  1. I personally prefer mechanical keyboards, but not everyone does.

    For me, the Ducky Shining takes the cake - Backlit in red/green/blue/white, comes in red/brown/black/blue switches.

    From there I would look at Deck Legend boards, Filcos, and maybe on a budget the BW.

    If you don't like Mech boards, the Logitech G19 is pretty neat.
  2. I haven't personally used mechanical keyboards yet but I'd recommend one since the response time is a lot better than regular keyboards.

    The one I currently use is my laptop and occasionally I use my Logitech g510] and it works fine the only big difference from what I read and heard from others (So I may be wrong :3 sorry) is the report rate. Mechanical keyboards are at 1000hz while other gaming ones like my G510 is at 500hz. Hopefully some of this information helped a bit.
  3. Try both, pick which you prefer. Assure that you're not overpaying for whatever it is you do choose. You shouldn't spend anywhere near $100 on a membrane keyboard and you shouldn't spend above $150 on a mechanical unless you're looking for some rare feature that only one model happens to offer (such as buckling spring switches or something).
  4. Also here's a nice review guide qu1cks1lv3r posted in another thread called "Gaming Keyboard"
    qu1cks1lv3r said:
    you might want to see this review:,review-1594-3.html
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