550 ti and i3 2120 for Borderlands 2

I was wondering if the 550 ti would be enough to run Borderlands 2 with everything maxed at a resolution of 1400x900.

The card is 1 year old already so I dunno if overclocking it is a good idea at all. It's a PNY card and so far I've never had any kind of issues with it.
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  1. It should be able to. According to benchmarks, my GTX 560 Ti is around 60% stronger, and I can max it out on 60% larger resolution with it (1920x1080).
  2. Yeah I would think so, at that resolution. If not then it'll be very close to maxed.
  3. i have a gtx 550 in my computer and it can play black ops 1 on High G 1920x1080 resolution with red & blue 3d and it runs graet.

    so im sher it can run Borderlands 2

    just update your drivers and red & blue 3d should be in there.
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