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Ever since hurricane Sandy hit, when i go online to cod waw there are 7 active servers, but no lobbies, the screen is empty. When I try to host a game, no one joins, it's as if I am the only one there. Yes, I am up to date with versions, and my ports are all open. I could host games whenever I wanted up till a month or so ago. Is it me, or is anyone experiencing the same issue?
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  1. Huh, that is strange. I just played waw the other day and it was just as populated as usual. Maybe contact your ISP since it seems to have been caused by the hurricane.
  2. I can get into MP see all the servers fine, it's only COOP. When I go to (Co-op only) "fine game", there are NO servers, no one hosting a lobby. When I try to host, no one joins, again like i'm the only one there. Again, it's only in co-op, not in MP.
  3. Well honestly I wouldn't doubt if you are the only one playing online co-op on a 5 year old COD. I usually plan LAN co-op and a few times I remember forgetting to switch the search area to LAN so it refreshed Internet servers and like two popped up, both empty.
    But anyway when I get back home I'll check and post back here with what I find.
  4. Honestly, before that hurricane hit I would go to co-op, start a new lobby and usually within seconds i had 3 others joined...and if I went to find game, there was ALWAYS at least 3 or 4 rooms there....yeah please I would appreciate what you fine on co op
  5. Yup just got back from vacation, booted up WaW and refreshed Internet Co-Op servers; 0 servers found. And I live in Cali so was not affected by Sandy.
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