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Best non-gargantuan cooler

Last response: in Overclocking
March 16, 2003 6:02:49 PM

I'm building a new machine and am looking for a cooler for an AMD 1700+. I want to be able to moderatley overclock, but I don't want a five billion ton cooler that you have to take off the Mobo and do a whole bunch of special stuff to make sure it doesn't fall off. I'm looking at the Vantec AeroFlow, as THG gave it a really good review, but I'm interested in alternatives. Thanks to all who respond!


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March 16, 2003 7:33:54 PM

Look at server coolers. They tend to be lower profile and considerably lighter than standard. Most don't cool quite as well as their big brothers but they will keep your system safe for transport.

Here's an example to show you what they look like:
<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>

There are lots of others ... some are hybrids, which I would suggest over plain aluminum or copper.

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March 17, 2003 2:24:59 AM

I think the spire Falconrock II is pretty good.
While its not the smallest about it will fit on 99% of boards, it uses the secure 6 clip design, is efficient, affordable and QUIET.

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March 18, 2003 1:56:48 AM

the vantec heatsink is a good one, i only use it because it looks good in the case, it's a lil louder than i'd like it. My suggestion is go for a volcano 9, you can set the fan's speed manually, and it also has the 6 pin grasp to make sure it's secure.

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