Athlon XP 1700+ T-Bred?

Ok i have what i think is a Athlon XP 1700+ T-Bred(A) core cpu i thought they all T-Bred based athlons have the multiplier unlocked not just b cores. now the way i can tell that its a t-bred core is the die is long and skinny and not square and the cpu info is not on the core but on the black tag on pcb it self.
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  1. What Version numbers are on the chip? It should start with
    AXDA1700???????, post all these numbers and we can tell you what you have.

    system spec or witty quote , still thinking.....
  2. Yep. Sounds like a Tbred Allright.
    The core codes are also on a little black label at the side of the cpu.

    The low end tbredA's did come unlocked.

    I have my TbredA XP1700+ @ 1833Mhz, 167fsb @ 1.7v.

    A nice overclocker, though not as good as the new tbred B's

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  3. Sounds like a T-bred for sure. Take a look at the L1 bridges, if they are all closed then the CPU is unlocked.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dims when I turn it on :eek:
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