Games lag when laptop is running on battery!

Hey, I have the MSI GT780DX with nvidia GTX 570M gpu.
When I play games on my battery alone, everything lags.
When I have it plugged into my charger there is no lag at all.
I have my power set to "High Performance" and it still lags.
I have read that I may have to change things in my BIOS.

Here is what i have my settings set to

Advanced settings >

PCI Latency Timer: 32 PCI


Intel SpeedStep: Enabled

iCharger: Disabled

Is their another way I can fix this problem?
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  1. Check GPU and CPU clocks using GPU-z and CPU-z respectfully while it lags.
  2. Perhaps your machine is just trying to conserve power while on battery - or else the battery will run down real fast. You need to go into advanced power options to change the advanced settings like how much CPU can be used on battery (just an example).
  3. Most laptops by default don't run as fast when one battery power. Even in high performance mode.

    I only play demanding games when plugged in. Changing the settings should in theory work.
  4. Hi, i have the same Laptop, and i can tell you that is normal.
    570M is a very powerfull GPU, and it needs more power than a Battery can provide (as far as i know, this is true for any laptop with a dedicated GPU from a certain poing of required power (in watts).

    Basicly the GPu is underclocked on battery, so only lowering the quality by a lot might improve performance.

    So far, i dot think there is any way around this (in fact, if you contact MSI, stating that you have this Issue, im sure they will be able to explain this more effectivly, and rule out other problems).
  5. Ok thanks for all the replies!
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