How do I charge a newly bought Xbox 360 controller?

I just bought a new Xbox 360 controller with a play and charge kit, but when I plug in the controller the light on the charger instantly goes from red to green without charging. It obviously does need charged because I just bought it and it won't turn on by itself unless it is plugged in. Am I forgetting something?


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  1. This is a bug with the 360 I've run into myself. I honestly forget the solution I tend to use since I haven't had time to play my 360 for a while, but if you start the console, then do something like either disconnect the charger or remove the battery pack, then reconnect them, it should start charging it again. IIRC, the issue comes when you try and start the console with the charge cable attached to the controller. It probably causes the firmware to think it's a standard wired controller without need for charging.
  2. do you have it fully charged, also do you have the right adapter?
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