Silent Cooling dB measurements

I dont know if anyone else has noticed but amongst various review sites there seems to be a huge gap in what is considered quiet.

For example in a recent review in THG it states about the Vantec Aeroflow
"At 45dB(A), it gets the job done amazingly quietly"
Whereas on other sites I have read 45dB is dissapointingly load and quiet is considered to be around 25-30dB.

This is making it very difficult to identify which cooling solutions are actually quiet. Does anyone know why there are such differences?
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  1. its all relative, 45db is relatively quiet compared to 80mm Delta which run up to 60db... but relatively loud compared to say a 12cm, low rpm fan like the Zalman solution... most computers will generate about 30-40db anyway unless U go quietest solutions all the way
    eq PSU, secondary fans, gfx cards northbridges...

    Hmmm, wonder if I can get a valid page fault ???
    these invalid ones are far too commonplace...
  2. It also depends where you measure the sound... just beside the cooler or with a closed case.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dims when I turn it on :eek:
  3. Also remember that dB(A)(B)... are logarithmic scales. As a result every 6dB (approx.) sounds twice as loud! So starting at 25dB, then 31dB would sound 2X as loud, 37dB, 43dB, 49dB, 55dB, 61dB. So 60dB would sound approx 64 times as loud as 25dB!!!


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  4. 64 times as load?! ouch.
    I think I'm going to just use relative measurements as the THG review I posted a link to does a nice round up of a good range.

    And yes I am attempting to get the PC as quiet as possible. Already have a PSU from QuietPC, the CPU cooler is next on my list followed perhaps by a GPU cooler to replace the fan (although the thought of trying to prise the GPU fan off is a bit off putting) and new quieter hard disks (I've seen a couple of reviews saying that there are several HDDs designed with noise in mind these days)
  5. You could always just get the <A HREF="" target="_new">Sapphire 9700 pro ult.ed.</A>

    I am going to get it for my planned quiet pc (current max dB = 26) (still have to check psu dB rating)

    Don't know if it's worth getting in your case depends on your current GPU.
  6. OH...MY....GOD

    After looking at graphics cards yesterday and reading a nice review of them here in THG it looked like all the cards these days have HUGE fans on compared to my old geforce3. I had given up thinking about graphics cards...until now. guess i better start saving :o)
  7. bigger fans are better though as they move more air for less noise, and the noise they do make is of a lower pitch.

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