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i have windows 7. No camera. I was trying to take pictures using my laptop for a fundraiser. Is it possible with webcam and are the pictures any good. marie
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  1. Hello gina bartley;
    Does your cell phone have a camera (and USB connectivity)? Or a point & shoot digital camera?
    That might end up being a better option than carrying around a laptop and a webcam in your arms. That says 'awkward' to me but it could work.
  2. Trying to use a laptop as a camera is not ideal. I'm curious as to how you would use the laptop as a fundraiser.
    Any photos you took with it would not be of markatable quality. I wouldn't pay money for a photo taken with a webcam.
    It's much better to use a stand alone digital camera, even the basic ones have a higher resolution. If it comes to that chances are your mobile phone has higher resolution.
  3. If you still need a webcam for your laptop: Microsoft LifeCam HD-6000
    Is designed to attach to a laptop, has decent performance and isn't too expensive. Microsoft LifeCam HD-6000 review
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