Curious OC glitches.

System stuff:
TbredA XP1700+ AIURA week 47, MCX-462 cooler with TT smartfan2. 8K3A+ KT333 @ 167FSB with PC3200 corsair ram and a 550W enermax PSU.

The glitch seems to be that running the CPU at 11x167=1833Mhz just doesnt seem to work. Stability for me is everything, and even 1 crash per week is 1 too many.

1833Mhz @ 1.700v is stable for everything... except it seems UT. (the original Unreal tournament). To get crash free UT running requires a full 1.750v. However by upping it to 1.750v it now crashes at startup and gets buggy when the room temp rises. Temps are high, but thats just my mobo missreporting them. they are well below crash temp. and fan speed varies depending on heatsink temp.

SO it seems that 1833mhz is just a little too much for the TbredA. 10.5x167=1750Mhz runs glitch free at 1.650v.

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  1. Try lowering you AGP Aperture size in BIOS & see if that helps. It has for me at times with games.

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