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Hi, I've added an slk800/delta combo and several fans to my XP2400 based system. My machine now runs stable with a fsb of 147mhz (now rated XP2700). However in order to this I had to up the core voltage to 1.9v and up the ram voltage by 0.1v.
My machine is fine and cpu temperatures are contained within the 40's. I have two questions:

(1) I've heard people advising against going as high as 1.9v. Should I worry about this given that my CPU is running at a healthy temperature?
(2) I tried to up to 148mhz FSB but instability was introduced - i'm guessing increasing the ram and not cpu voltage may help. How safe is it to increase the ram voltage further?

p.s my motherboard is Gigabyte GA7VA and my ram is 2700 (running at 333mhz clock).

Any help appreciated,

Thanks and all the best,


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  1. Can anyone help? :(
  2. i know that increasing thev voltage causes a lot more heat as lojng as you can contain that you're ok, another problem (as far i i gathered) is electromigration, the charges jump transistors or something and this seroiuosly shortens the lifespan of a cpu , i've been told that you'll get around for about 3years when heavily voltage modding, it seems to me though that your CPU doesn't OC very well

    i have a PIV 2.4 133fsb stock and i run it stabily at 150fsb without a problem (thats without any voltage mods still at 1.525V) I can even boot at 3ghz at stock voltage, but the sytem is less stable then (i'm gonna try Vmodding as soon as i have some decent cooling)

    Whats the mulltuplier on your cpu , have you changed anything about the multiplier eg unlocked the cpu maybe you can use a higher multiplier to get a little bit further

  3. hi, thanks for reply. I'm not sure what the multiplier is. The bios has no explicit setting. The only thing I can play with is the cpu frequency which was 133mhz at default.
  4. you should really look that up (the multiplier) it's a viable solution against fsb overclocking and maybe even better what kind of mobo do you have

  5. My CPU is amd xp2400+ - isn't the only way to unlock the CPU via soldering etc? I'm not confident enough to go to that level of modding. :)
  6. Im pretty sure your processor is already unlocked, all you need to do is change the multiplier in the bios if that setting is available.

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  7. soldering? i'm not fermiliar with athlon unlocking but ithink the pencil trick is out of the question, there is a way by connecting two pins on the bottom with a small piece of copper wire, and one where you bridge L1 cache bridges

  8. go here


    search some more yourself

    just type it in in google or whatever

    unlock athlon XP

    somthing like that

  9. The 2400 should be unlocked and the best board to overclock is the epox 8rda as it offers upto 250fsb and high multiplier settings all in bios.
  10. The COU should be factory unlocked... but I'm not sure if your motherboard allows multiplier changements.
    Also check if your memory bus speed doesn't increases above 333MHz DDR when you increase the FSB. When I set my memory speed to 333Mhz and increase the FSB starting at 133MHz then the memory bus will also increase although it is manually set. This is with a KT333 chipset... but your board may have the same problem.
    You can solve this by setting the FSB and memory bus sync (=at the same speed 1:1) or let the motherboard auto-set the memory bus... and see if that works.

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