SetFSB works fine with my k7s5a, but do I have to set the FSB up again everytime I restart or shut down my computer? I'm not sure if it's explained on the site I got it from because it's in Japanese. Could someone please explain to me a way to set it up so it stays at that setting even after restarting? It's such a pain to load up every reboot. Thanks alot for any help you can give me
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  1. well once you input the settings you wish to run with in your BIOS you simply need to "save and exit" and it will load up like that all the time

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  2. Hmmm... you can try SoftFSB if you like. It does the same but maybe that program gots settings so you can start it autmatic on start-up.

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  3. I use setfsb with my 8k3a and xp1800, it works beautifully! She won't boot at 2ghz but if I set it while in windows it runs...until I need to move the mouse...then it crashes lol no it runs stable at 1.9ghz with set fsb but it sure won't boot with the fsb set that high!

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