Hi, i just bought black ops 2 yesterday and ive had FPS problems im getting around 30-60 and it keeps bouncing.
In cod4 i get 250 constant in PROMOD and over that in Regular. on Almost max settings..
I tried different settings in BLOPS 2 but everything still gives me the same fps.

AMD FX-6100 Six-Core @3.3GHz
8GB DDR3 Ram
nvidia GTX 560
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  1. In all games the framerate will rise and fall depending on what the graphics card has got to render. That said, 30-60 is quite respectable for your system. My own system is considerably more powerful (GTX680 with i5-3570K @ 4GHz), runs around 60-85fps and tops out at about 120fps. Over time it will get better as the graphics drivers are updated and the game is patched.

    You've also got to remember that CoD4 runs on an older/lighter engine than Black Ops 2.

    The most important question is, does is affect your gameplay?
  2. a Little bit as when i get into gun fights it drops to around 20-30 :/
  3. Another thing is.. sometimes all together it just drops to 20-40 and nothing above.
  4. hey Dude how You start the game Black ops 2 Because it wont start on my pc plz bro reply and seggest me step by step plz
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