Black Ops 2 FPS Problem

Ok so my PC specs are:
6 core AMD CPU
4850 AMD GPU
8GB Ram

My setting are like medium and i usually have 80-130 fps.Although sometimes something happens and my fps get capped to 40.When this happens my fps cant get higher than 40,even in final killcams when nothing happens.Then after a while it lags for half a second and it goes back to 80 fps.Is it a bug?
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  1. Is your GPU Oced?The GPU may be reaching high temps and drops performance so it cools down.
    Run HWmonitor and start the game,when the fps drops begin look at the temps.
  2. Video Card temp is 64C when it happens.Dont really think its the temp problem since it doesnt happen in any other games.
  3. Def not a temp issue, my old 4850 used to idle at 73C before I changed the stock heatsink. Don't play Black Ops 2 though, so can't help beyond that....
  4. So is it a bug or something
  5. Bump
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