FPS Low - Am I Missing Something?

I have a PC with the following specs.

AMD Phenom X4 Quad Core 9600
ASUS M4N78Pro Mobo - With Latest BIOS
7 Gigs of RAM
ThermalTake 850 Watt Power Supply
Windows 7 Professional SP 1

I am trying to run PC games but find I need to put them on lowest settings just to get 25 -35 fps in low activity settings. In high action or any detailed environment, the FPS drops so low (sub 19 FPS) that I get motion sick.

The game I am trying to play (mostly) is World of Warcraft (MoP). I have tried other games with my Steam Account and even titles from Humble Bundle get choppy and suffer the same issue.

The "Recommended" system requirements are:
Recommended System Specifications

Windows 7/8 64-bit with latest service pack
AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.6GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT

Does my system not meet this criteria?

I have reinstalled Windows, updated the service pack and OS, updated the NVIDIA Drivers, the Mobo Drivers, disabled the onboard Graphics, disabled my antivirus and shutdown any background services that I could see running.

I don't know what it might be. I had a gaming laptop that recently went DOA that at "Good" settings, I could move about in Stormwind and get 70 FPS.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Forgot to mention/Specify:

    DirectX 11
    64 Bit Windows 7 Professional SP1
  2. What addons are you running? Did you try disabling them?
  3. Sunius said:
    What addons are you running? Did you try disabling them?

    Nothing out of the ordinary. I have disabled all my addons and still only marginal improvement. The biggest culprits were skada/recount but even those only gained me 2-3 FPS. The main concern is other games that don't have addons have this issue.

    Really bugging me as I see people playing with similar rigs on YouTube at max settings for various games and I have never been close to running that.
  4. Could you give examples of such videos and games?
  5. Sunius said:
    Could you give examples of such videos and games?

    Call of Duty
    World of Warcraft

    To name a few
  6. Let's take call of duty. What kind of performance do you get at what settings, and what do you expect to get?
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    Phychonauts and Limbo should be fine. Your problem is your mobo+cpu combination. You have a giant videocard and a tiny CPU. Your GPU cannot perform as it should because your CPU can't process all of its information (aka bottleneck).

    Changing your CPU+Motherboard would fix your performance issues.
  8. X4 Quad Core 9600 bottlenecks the 660 ti, switch for a :

    Or it could be the onboard graphics is the primary graphics (which is the 8300 geforce) so check the bios.
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  10. Hey, just to say you don't have to buy a Crazy I7 CPU with 8 cores to run these games... I'd say an average (medium-high) quad core on rebate (maybe mobo + cpu deal) would do you some good. Check out newegg, amazon or similar sites for deals and you might end up with something that'll match your awesome videocard.

    Good luck.
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