Any recommended street racing games?

Lets just start off by saying I HATE any types of power-up systems in games. I also hate any type of "professional" racing circuit feeling (if that makes sense). In addition to those I hate games with Burnout type car destruction. (As such the new Most wanted 2 is out of the running)

Basically I am simply having trouble finding racing games that fit my needs, I loved Most Wanted to death it was my number 1 racing game of all time. I played it through 3 times over the course of its release. I also liked NFS Underground 1&2 to a lesser extent but still very nice games.

I am looking for something similar, the open world aspect and cop chases of MW was amazing, customization was decent. Underground was nice, no open world but the cars and customization made up for that.

Above all I guess I just like the street racing feel. Maybe I have been looking in the wrong parts for racing games but I can't seem to find any based on what I like :/
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    What do you mean by power-up system?

    If you liked most wanted, undercover is a very similar game. There are differences, but I found it to be the last game in need for speed series to have any resemblance to old games like underground or most wanted. You may also like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and The run.
  2. By power-up systems I mean the things in some games where you get weird abilitys to make up for lack of driving skill (atleast thats how I see power ups in my head.)

    Like Mario Kart except I liked that games power up systems because it revolved around it and wasn't a racing sim trying to just give you power ups for the "hollywood experience"

    I think I tried undercover and didn't like it. Can't remember why though... I'll check out Hot Pursuit and The run though.
  3. I would recomend Midnight Club L.A. the only thing you might not like is there are a small type of power up but they arent required for the game. The easiest way to describe it is there is one called the 'zone.' it is pretty much an adrenaline rush, things move slower for about five seconds. but if you still dont want to use the power ups, you dont even have to install them in the cars. Midnight Club L.A. is an open world street racing game and has a good selection of cars and upgrades for them. They have cars ranging the Audi R8 to the 1970 Challenger to a Nissan Skyline GT-R Spec V II to even a few motorcycles. Hope this helps you out.
  4. Necroed this old post. Midnight club looks like a decent game, sad its only for consoles.
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