overclocking the t-bred a 1800+

Hi all,
i am OverClocking(OC) my t-bred-A-1800+ with stock multipliers. i get a stable OC at 162FSB (multiplier -11.5), 1864MHz, the equivalent of 2300+ ( :wink: almost). is there any way of opening the multipliers other than shorting the L1 bridges? i cannot find the conductive silver lacquer here :frown: . is there any other solution, any other alternative to the conductive silver lacquer?

BTW, i get this stable OC at V core = 1.7V. is this good? my idle temp is 46C on a Volcano 6Cu(this is the best HSF i could get here :mad: ) at 4000 rpm. i cud run the Volcano 6 at 5000 rpm and may be my idle temp would stay around 42-43C, but i dont like that much more noise. r these good enough, the temp and the Vcore values?

I use the A7V8X mobo. Also, in this mobo the BIOS gives me multiplier options ranging from 9 to around 20 (forgot the exact numbers). So, if i buy a t-bred-B-1700+ now, what is the max multiplier i can go upto? i don't want to increase my FSB beyond 162-163 (coz i use the DDR333 RAM).

in theory with the FSB at 162 and the multiplier set at 13 gives me 2106MHz, equivalent to that of a 2700+!!! and the multiplier at 13.5 gives me a 2800+ equivalent!!! is this a practical solution? also with the heat sink i have, the volcano 6, would the processor (the t-bred-B-1700+) survive such extreme OCing?

What is the best u guys have achieved with the t-bred-A-1800+?
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  1. i think 12.5x is the max without any mods
  2. Tbred a cores hit the ceiling at around 2000-2100, unless you are watercooling or better.Try an auto parts store and ask for a rear defogger repair kit. The little vial of conductive paint usually works.

    system spec or witty quote , still thinking.....
  3. i finally found some conductive liquid which did the job quite well. yes. i have unlocked the CPU. Fortunately, most of the multipliers seem to be opened. just unlocked about an hour ago. Fiddled with different settings. Got stable OC at 10.5*178, 11*169, 11.5*162 (Default Multiplier), 12*154 and 14*133. The only problem is whatever multiplier i set it to, I have to set the FSB so that i get a max speed of 1870MHz. that sucks. i'll try to get the max out of my CPU later.
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