Buying a new gaming headset and soundcard!!

I want to buy an gaming Headset and a sound card. I want a good gaming headset that has good sound and microphone.For the sound card, I want an audio interface sound card that is durable and good. BTW, my motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA78LMT-S2P, so we will need a PCI sound card because my GPU is covering the PCI-e x1 slot :(. My budget is between $50-$100 combined. Is the budget a problem? If it isn't, then go find a good sound card for me! Oh! and don't forgot about the headset too :D.
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    If you're getting a soundcard, why waste your money on a headset instead of actual headphones and just a clip-on mic?

    Both of those posts are informative and should help you choose what kind of cans you want. ctrl+f on that site and type in PCI, will take you to the interface row, where you can see which cards apply to you, and then you can look at the rest of their specs and compare.
  2. what if i'm not getting a soundcard?
  3. allen47 said:
    what if i'm not getting a soundcard?

    Headphones would still provide better upfront sound, with even more potential if you do buy one down the road. But, since your OP mentioned what you wanted out of a sound card, it seemed like a safe guess that it was relevant.
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