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Hey guys, Im interested in becoming a certified computer tech and I need some advice. Im interested in taking the CompTIA A+ exam mainly because it seems easy enough for me to pass and creditable enough to get me the job Im looking at. I am unschooled in computers, however I have several years under my belt performing maintence, repair, and building. Ive taken several A+ sample tests online and some parts I done well, but unfortunately some parts I didnt fair very well. Needless to say I need to do some studying.

Anyone have any study course suggestions? Ive been looking at a few but Im unsure of what route I need to take. Ive looked at Michael Meyers "A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide 7th edition" book and study course. Reading from the reviews on it seems to be good. Ive also looked at some instructional video courses, such as Ive watched the sample videos on youtube and the site and they seem to be very easy for me to understand and learn. looks pretty good as well, Ive read good things about their training videos. Any other suggestions?

Ive also checked out some online classes, but they seem rather expensive. Any suggestions? My current day job prevents me from taking any local classes, there doesnt seem to be much offered anyway. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance...
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  1. You should try he has a 20 - 24 part series of webcasts that show EVERYTHING on the A+ exam. We use it in my computer tech class to learn about hardware and software. Most of it is general knowledge, but there are some points where it gets really specific. I enjoy them, and most of the videos are between 5 and 20 min long. Also, with each there is a PDF file that is basically a list of notes of whats in the movies so you could just read them as well.

    On his site he also offers Network+ and Security+ guides.

    I myself am also on the same boat. I am a junior in HS, and i take all the computer classes possible, i even go to a vocational course for a period of the day (where i found out about professor messer). Computer literacy is definately a must have nowadays. I just recently got a job as a IT intern with my school district, and to become full time i need the A+ certification. i would take it, I just need a little bit more motivation to study up :P
  2. I Have Gotten My A+ Certification 2001 and was into Games and PC Upgrading before I got Certified On my Own. A+ is good for beginners because it gives you a general idea about components-peripherals-pc's-laptops-troubleshooting-printers-monitors-ram-bios- for people looking to get into the careerfield(A+ Essentials). The A+ has gotten tougher with the 2006 and 2009 with upgrades of networking and security added to the objectives. There is also The practical applications exam that covers troubleshooting and various operating systems like 2000/xp/vista. It basically gives you the knowledge so you know about the IT field and can build your own computer and troubleshoot it w. numerous solutions and fixes!
  3. Unfortunately the material is extremely outdated but its still oddly popular as a entry cert for recruiters.
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